green to blue optical variable ink

  • Ceres Green To Blue OVI/optical Variable Ink

    Optical variable ink is also called colorchanging ink and chameleon. The printed sample shows two colors, such as: red to green, green to blue, red to gold, etc. When looking straight or sideways under normal light, as the viewing angle of the human eye changes, it presents two different colors. This ink has strong light variable characteristics, large color difference changes, and obvious characteristics. It does not require any equipment to be recognized, and its color angle effect cannot be reproduced by any high-resolution scanner, color copier, or other equipment. The printing features cannot be replaced by any other inks and printing methods, and the anti-counterfeiting reliability is extremely strong. Therefore, it has been designated by many countries in the world for the anti-counterfeiting of the most demanding and difficult currencies and securities. Some famous manufacturers also Has been used for packaging anti-counterfeiting.

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