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    CTP Thermal Plates For Offset Machine

    CTP Thermal Plates For Offset Machine

    CTP thermal plate is suitable for commercial and newspaper printing.
    The coating of thermal sensitive plate is composed of temperature sensitive polymer or ablation layer, which is mainly sensitive to infrared laser at 800 nm ~ 850 nm. When the temperature does not reach the critical value, the plate will not react, and when the temperature exceeds the critical value, the dot size and shape will not be affected. Therefore, it can produce clean and clear edge dot, and basically do not expand or shrink the dot.
    Our CTP plate has the following features:
    High tolerance of developing conditions
    It has good chemical resistance
    It has excellent printing performance

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  • PS Plate For Offset Printing Machine

    PS Plate For Offset Printing Machine

    PS plate is the main material of offset printing.PS plate is suitable for lithography press. The printing quality is very precise and good. The main material of PS plate is aluminum, and the surface coating is a kind of photosensitive material.
    Our PS plate has the characteristics of high resolution, full dot reproduction, rich levels, easy to master ink balance and high printing resistance.
    Our package have 0.15mm and 0.3mm two size .

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  • Water Wash Nylon Flexo Plate

    Water Wash Nylon Flexo Plate

    Water Wash Nylon Flexo Plate is a kind of photosensitive plate which is soft, bendable and rich in elasticity.
    The main components of the liquid resin plate are resin, crosslinking agent, photoinitiator, polymerization inhibitor and so on.
    Water wash Plates are mainly used in offset printing machines and web printing machines

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  • Ceres Offset Printing UV CTCP Plate

    Ceres Offset Printing UV CTCP Plate

    CTCP plate material refers to the computer direct plate making on traditional PS plate.
    Here are some of the advantages of our CTCP plate:
    1. Fast sensitive speed,good flatness,large exposure and developing latitude,fit for any printing condition ,steady quality
    2. Close-grained Oxidation Layer –Outstanding dot reproduction and high pressrun 3.Perfect Hydrophilic Layer-Substainable Ink-water Balance
    4.Unique Photosensitive Coating-High and fast Sensitivity
    5. Large exposure and developing latitude, fit for any printing conditions,

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  • Flexo Printing Photopolymer Resin Plate

    Flexo Printing Photopolymer Resin Plate

    Japan Toyo printato resin plate is suitable for most flexo printing machines. we have many models ,like KF95GC,JF95GC, KF95MC,KM95GR and so on .These models are our best selling models.
    It is a kind of flexible plate that can be cleaned with water, which can shorten the traditional slow exposure time and improve the work efficiency. Flexographic resin version of strong durability, reduce the cost of plate material.
    The size of flexo resin plate is A3 (420x297mm), A2 (594x420mm) and A1 (841x594mm). Special size can be customized.
    We also have steel substrate for customers to choose from.

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