Offset Varnish

  • Ceres High Gloss OP Varnish for Package

    Ceres High Gloss OP Varnish for Package

    Varnish is a kind of synthetic resin. Now it usually refers to the transparent varnish on the surface, which is made of base materials and additives, without any pigment. After the film is formed, the oil will shine bright, commonly known as OP varnish.
    OP varnish has the following characteristics
    1. The layer has high transparency and is not easy to turn yellow.
    2. The film has a certain degree of wear resistance.
    3. It has certain flexibility.
    4. The film has better environmental resistance.
    5. It has certain adhesion to the surface of printed matter.
    6. Good leveling and smooth film surface.
    7. Wide post-press processing adaptability.

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