Underpacking foil

  • Offset printing materials Self-adhesive Underpacking Foil

    Offset printing materials Self-adhesive Underpacking Foil

    Folex underpacking foil is suitable for various brands of printing machines with high accuracy. Good printing effect can be achieved and the machine stop time can be reduced.
    Folex underpacking foil is self-adhesive, using PA strong adhesive, has a low initial adhesion, easy to install. After the pressure of the printing machine, it has good adhesion, and can be connected with the printing machine roller, stable and reliable, never loose, which can effectively avoid the overprint caused by the offset of the printing plate. PA strong adhesive has strong oil resistance and acid and alkali resistance, which can well protect the printing cylinder from the corrosion of fountain solution.
    Shot back film is composed of special polyester film, which has high wear resistance, high elasticity and strong anti deformation ability. In the printing process, due to the effect of pressure, a large amount of printing pressure will be absorbed by the pad. In this way, the printed products have distinct network points, very neat and clear outline. And can effectively extend the service life of plate and blanket.

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