Blanket used for banknote texture printing

Now in the printing industry, offset printing accounts for 55%, gravure printing accounts for 28%, flexo printing accounts for 10%, and other printing methods account for 7%. Therefore, offset printing is still the mainstream printing method in the current world. As the two mainstream printing methods of offset printing and gravure printing, printing blanket is an indispensable part of offset printing and gravure printing. At present, there are many kinds of blankets on the market, which can be roughly classified as: 1: Air-cushioned blanket 2: Self-adhesive blanket 3: Banknote printing blanket And the product we are going to introduce today is the money printing blanket. Banknote printing blankets are a kind of blankets used in special industries. They are mostly used in the banknote printing factories of state-owned enterprises in various countries. Ordinary printing companies generally seldom purchase them. Therefore, our company solemnly launched this banknote printing blanket for all banknote printing factories around the world. The surface of the banknote printing blanket has undergone a special vulcanization treatment to produce a certain texture. For example, Chinese banknotes: Renminbi and the United States: U.S. dollar, portraits have a certain texture. Because of its special texture, the banknote printing blanket can be comparable to indigo's gravure printing machine, and the gravure printing machine of indigo may be as high as millions of dollars per unit, which is very expensive, so choose the banknote printing blanket to print banknotes. Texture is a very good choice and effect.

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