Happy Dragon Boat Festival


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Yesterday is a beautiful day with clear sky and bright sunshine. It is not only the annual Dragon Boat Festival, but also the birthday of the boss Ava! On this special day, Print Area specially reserved luxurious private rooms in the hotel, and called colleagues to celebrate together!

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At twelve noon, the first wave of Dragon Boat Festival comes first. On the table,there are fish, meat and rice dumplings, family members, friends and colleagues. There is love and joy! Everyone enjoyed the delicious food for a while, chatted and laughed for a while, and toasted for blessings for a while. It was really fun, just like a family reunion for the festival! When the dinner was coming to ending, General Manager Andrew also prepared a surprise for Ava. On the big screen, a video of birthday wishes recorded by colleagues in the company for Ava was displayed, and the big cake prepared in advance finally appeared on the stage. Ava quietly and seriously watched everything carefully prepared for her in her seat, moved and happy. At this time, Ava was surrounded by happiness!

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After the luncheon, we started the next Dragon Boat Festival event - watching the dragon boat race. The village where Print Area is located holds dragon boat races every year during the Dragon Boat Festival, and this year is particularly grand! When we arrived at the competition site, we saw crowds of people on both sides of the river, colorful flags fluttering, and it was very lively.The competition is going on fiercely, each round of competition is two boats PK, each boat has flag-waving, drumming, and rowing boats.They have gathered their energy to prepare for the competition! With a command, the dragon boat flew forward like an arrow off the string. At this time, cheering shouts on both sides of the strait also continued one after another. The drummer on the dragon boat sat on the dragon's head and drummed rhythmically, and the oarsmen paddled their oars in unison with the beat, pushing forward with all their strength. Although their expressions are ferocious, their appearance of being united and striving is also the most touching! When sprinting to the finish line, the team members of the two boats were struggling to move forward. Although they were exhausted at this time, the team members did not dare to relax at all and persisted until the last moment! The two teams reached the finish line almost at the same time, and the audience applauded continuously. In fact, what impresses me the most is not the result of the game, but the fighting spirit of the two teams and the spirit of unity and forward movement between the teams. In fact, the dragon boat race is the same as the company. As long as they have the same goal, everyone will be united and rush forward as one, and there will be good results, and they will always be affirmed by others!

After watching the wonderful dragon boat race, we are all still unsatisfied. However, we have one last Dragon Boat Festival activity - to participate in the big reunion dinner in the village. Before the meal, the village committee also arranged the most distinctive performance in Guangdong—the lion dance performance. The lion danced in the crowd, sometimes writhing and spinning, sometimes shaking its head and tail, and blinking its big eyes mischievously. It will also jump into the crowd and interact with the villagers. The villagers are also scrambling to pet the lion. It is said that touching the lion's head will bring good luck! After watching the lion dance, we started another sumptuous meal. The dishes are some representative home-cooked dishes in Guangdong: boiled chicken, Hakka tofu, steamed scallops with vermicelli, steamed sea bass, boiled shrimp and so on. Everyone was talking and laughing at the dinner table, every colleague’s face was filled with festive smiles, and the connection between the teams seemed to be closer again.

The custom of the Dragon Boat Festival is people's praise and expectation for life, nature, good personality and happy life. Here, all employees of Print Area Technology  Co., Ltd. wish people from all walks of life a healthy Dragon Boat Festival!

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