A dinner with the taste of childhood


Recently, the company has had one happy event after another. Colleagues in the sales department have received big orders one after another. The head of the department, Jennifer, has grandly invited all colleagues out for dinner. There is no special reason, just because of happiness!

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As the delicious dishes were served one after another, the colleagues were satisfied. Immediately afterwards, Jennifer began to enliven the atmosphere at the dinner table, letting everyone tell about their shining moments on the stage in their past lives. Colleagues recalled those years, lamented the passage of time, remembered the immature self, the shining self...Some people are on the stage through hard work, they are among the best in the class, and finally go to the high stage to accept the award from the teacher and the principal; Because I love learning fencing, learning the harmonica, and learning the violin, and then won the first place in the competition. The moment I stood on the podium not only made myself full of light, but also let others see their additional skills; The hard-to-solve problem was applauded and cheered by everyone. At that moment, I felt proud of myself...

Everyone has their own experience, and everyone's experience is rich and colorful. There have been brilliance, frustration, joy, and distress. Different lives have given us different experiences, and each experience is different. It is our memorable journey.

As a member of Print Area, no matter whether we are satisfied or dissatisfied with our life, happy or unhappy, as long as we have a sincere heart, remember what the best self was like, what our original intention was, and be a human being Do things worthy of yourself and others, and live out the truest self. Just like us in childhood, how pure and simple we are, how easy we are to be satisfied, and we can be happy for several days because of a small thing, it can be a compliment from our parents, it can be a small toy, or we can just eat a stick Fifty cents popsicles...

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Today, the friends of Print Area are fortunate to reminisce about their childhood in the restaurant. It is still the packaging, the shape and the taste in memory - the popsicles in childhood. After dinner, everyone showed off popsicles together, talked and laughed, and instantly seemed to return to the beautiful and carefree days of childhood! I hope you will always maintain a childlike innocence, live sincerely and happily!

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